Idle Musings
Deep inside, I am a lazy screw-up and I have developed this very elaborate construction to outwit that impulse.
"I challenge you to distinguish a naked prostitute from any other naked woman," said lawyer Henri Leclerc.

"Advice from the Mediator’s Fellowship"

Don’t ask the mountain
To move, just take a pebble
Each time you visit.

John Paul Lederach

Mr. Majetic said only a few words at Dok-Ing’s press conference here Thursday, but he made them count.

“If you have dreams, and you really want to achieve them, you can do what you wish,” he said.

“If you have money,” his son-in-law added.

NYT article
If conservative talk radio is about fear, then NPR is about guilt.
Jon Stewart

"A joke I’ve heard in China is that Americans claim to “speak” Chinese no matter how few words they understand, while Chinese claim to be unable to speak English no matter how many words they understand."

From this article.

Seemed to be true in Japan as well, and a fairly high percentage of other places I’ve traveled.  

data is the new oil
anonymous, quoted by David McCandless
This is not so hard.
Helicopter money please.
Wired straight to households.
Steve Randy Waldman, Interfluidity